Inspiring the solar industry:
REC Group to unveil its newest solar panel at Intersolar Europe - May 11, 4pm, booth A2.380

Continuing our technology leadership, the new REC solar panel will deliver even greater power output for rooftop installations

While the full details of the new product are under wraps until the official launch event, the main benefits are clear and in line with what REC is standing for:
combining high power density with sustainable practices to empower homeowners and businesses to gain energy independence and make a strong contribution to protect the environment.

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The latest solar panel will continue our trailblazing success story as the largest European solar panel brand with 25-year history. The REC Alpha Series was launched as the world’s most powerful 60-cell format solar panel at its spectacular unveiling during Intersolar Europe in 2019. In doing so, we took a bold decision to mass produce solar cells and panels using one of the most advanced cell technologies, heterojunction (HJT). In 2021, we launched the REC Alpha Pure panel, a successor with higher power density, yet even more sustainable as REC eliminated lead content, making this the first RoHS-compliant solar panel in the lineup, and certified as low carbon footprint.

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Relive the spectacular unveiling of The REC Alpha Series at Intersolar Europe 2019 here